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Region 7
Central Visayas, one of the regions of the Philippines, is designated as Region VII. It is part of the Visayas. It consists of four provinces, namely, Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental, and Siquijor. The region demarcates the territory occupied by the native speakers of Cebuano. The regional capital is Cebu City.
The total land area of the region is 14852 km².

Negros Oriental, occupying the eastern part of the island of Negros. A mountain range down the middle of the island has determined that the eastern coast has less in common with the western coast than with neighboring islands. The province has a population of 1,124,000 by the 2000 census on 5402 in twenty-two towns and three cities, Dumaguete (the capital), Canlaon, and Bais. The population has long been a mix of Negritos, Malays, and Chinese. From about the middle of the nineteenth century Visayas have immigrated in numbers from Cebu. The people speak Cebuano (Visaya), Tagalog, Ilonggo, English, and Spanish. The economy depends largely on agriculture in several forms, fishing and aquaculture in several forms, and tourism.

The capital city of Dumaguete has a relatively simple shield. Its blue and white wavy base symbolizes the city's coastal location. The towers were built to guard against pirate raids. The city makes furniture, housewares, and jewelry. It is home to three important universities. The city carries environmentalism to heights seldom seen elsewhere; its municipal dump is not merely a public park but home to a number of species of rare animals and birds.


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